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Woman About To Expose Bill Clinton Found Dead In House Fire

An Arkansas woman who was about to expose for President Bill Clinton was found dead in a house fire after her charred remains were discovered at her burnt property. Judi Gibbs, a Penthouse model, died in a house fire in 1986 when

NASA Researcher Releases Video Evidence Showing ISS Being Filmed In A Studio

A NASA researcher has released video evidence proving that the International Space Station (ISS) is actually filmed in a studio on earth, and not in space.  The video vindicates conspiracy theorists who claim that NASA routinely trick the public into

Government Regulation Of Social Media Would Be A “Cure” Far Worse Than The Disease

By Paul Levinson, Fordham University In recent weeks, Congress has grilled Twitter, Facebook and Google about their role in allowing foreign interests to place ads and articles intended to divide the electorate and spread false information during the 2016 election.

Supreme Court To Debate Warrantless Collection Of Cellphone Records In Huge Fourth Amendment Battle

By Derrick Broze In one of the most important Fourth Amendment battles of the digital age, the Supreme Court is preparing to tackle a case involving law enforcement accessing cellphone records without a warrant. On Wednesday the US Supreme Court

Privacy Alert: HP Quietly Installs System-Slowing Spyware On Its PCs Without Consent

By Mac Slavo On the heels of Lenovo’s massive $3.5 million fine for pre-installing adware on laptops without users’ consent, Hewlett-Packard is jumping in with both feet when it comes to installing spyware on its PCs without the consumer’s permission. According to numerous reports

How A North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Could Kill Millions And Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse November 29, 2017 This is why North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile is so important.  North Korea had test fired a total of 22 missiles so far this year, but this latest one showed that nobody

Breaking: Thousands Of Foster Kids Dead In PedoGate Horror

Foster children in the for-profit care system are dying at alarming rates after being placed in the care of pedophiles. Children have been placed in homes with individuals who have been convicted of kidnapping and other serious crimes, with parents

CIA Documents Reveal Cancer Cure Was Discovered Then Covered Up

Recently declassified Government documents dating back to 1983 has uncovered the details of the CIA’s ‘Gateway Process’, a method used on subjects brainwaves using meditation to cure brain cancer. The top-secret documents suggest that by controlling the brainwaves of a Cancer

Britney Spears Opens Up About Illuminati: ‘I Pray To God For Forgiveness’

Britney Spears has told close friends and associates that she prays to God every night asking him to forgive her for associating with the Illuminati. “You can punish me, but please do not punish my sons, they have done nothing

7 Lies The Statists Want You To Believe

By Michael Boldin 7 lies? It took me just moments to come up with these.  That means there are way more than seven. Even though there are few tough ones, I’m pretty sure you can smash these lies as easily

Advanced Super Secret Three-Quarter Mile Tall Wall-Like Structure Spans More Than Ten Thousand Miles Of Seafloor In Straight Line

A massive 3/4 mile tall wall-like structure has been located on the bottom of the seafloor which spans a distance of over 10,000 miles (INTELLIHUB) — A massive wall-like structure has been located spanning over 10,000 miles of the seafloor

New York Times Promoting Sexualization Of Young Boys

Fellowship of the Minds – by DCG On Saturday, writer Bee Shapiro published an article in The New York Timesentitled, “His Eye Makeup is Way Better Than Yours.” The Timestweeted it as such: “How teenage boys (and younger) wearing makeup are affecting beauty norms.” The

21st-Century Industrial Revolution: Will Robots Steal Your Job?

RT More and more jobs are at risk of being outsourced to a cheaper and more efficient robot. Is your job one of them – and if so, will a universal basic income (UBI) prove to be the panacea for

US Police Covertly Spy On Innocent Citizens With Military Hardware – Report

RT Dozens of police departments across the US are using special devices to track suspects without warrants. However, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers also capture data from regular people on the street. The technology, which was developed for

Gun Control Activist Wants You To Ask Your Thanksgiving Host If They Have Guns

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many are planning festivities which include feasts and gatherings with friends and family.  But some others, like gun control activists, seek to make your holiday as miserable as

Secret Code Is Recording Every Keystroke You Make On More Than 400 Of The Most Popular Websites On The Internet

If someone secretly installed software on your computer that recorded every single keystroke that you made, would you be alarmed?  Of course you would be, and that is essentially what is taking place on more than 400 of the most

Charles Manson Was CIA Stooge Tasked With Destroying Hippie Movement

Charles Manson was a CIA stooge, tasked with bringing down the 1960’s hippie movement which was seen as an economical and sociological threat to both the government and its Vietnam war.  On the 9th August 1969, an 8-month pregnant Sharon

Police Are Using DNA Mugshots To Arrest Innocent People

A recent Washington Times article, boasts that Texas law enforcement used predictive DNA imaging or ‘Phenotyping’ to guess what a suspect’s physical characteristics might be. This is not a joke, this is actually happening in police departments across the country. Parabon

Ominous Video Shows Swarm of A.I. Drones Carry Out Mass Murder Without Human Orders

By Matt Agorist Imagine a world in which people who hold a certain political ideology could be sought out and summarily executed with surgical precision using autonomous microdrones and with no collateral damage. While this may seem like a great

FBI Informant Has Video Of Briefcases Full Of Bribe Money In Clinton Uranium Scandal

An undercover FBI informant in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former AG Loretta Lynch, claims to have video evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of bribe money related to the controversial Uranium One