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UK Declares Martial Law: Troops On Streets As ISIS Prepare False Flag

Over 5,000 military personnel have been ordered to take over law enforcement on the streets of London, as the British government imposes martial law and ushers the nation towards the next phase of the New World Order.  The traitors in Westminster who

Do Reptilians Exist, Evidence for Underground Reptoid Aliens on Earth (Video)

The history of Reptoid beings on Earth, he believes that as recently as around 52,000 years ago, reptilian humanoids ruled the planet, though they lived underground. They saw the Earth as their planet, and evolved from the dinosaurs. Reptilian humanoids

Scientist Blows Whistle On Chemtrails At Ted Conference

A climate scientist attending the annual TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, has blown the whistle on the dangers of spraying chemtrails in our atmosphere.  During the 2017 talk, several speakers were tasked with discussing the alleged benefits of geoengineering in a bid

Katy Perry Admits To Being An Illuminati Slave In ‘Bon Appetit’ Video

Katy Perry is the ideal of the modern popstar – young, beautiful, controversial and completely controlled by the music industry Illuminati – so it’s no surprise that her sick and twisted new music video Bon Appétit is infused with Illuminati symbology. Perry made public overtures to

This Crazy State Literally Bans Certain Types Of Prepping

It is illegal for emergency management officials to prepare for a North Korean nuclear attack in Washington state. Incredibly, a Cold War-era law prevents any sort of emergency evacuation planning for a nuclear attack – even though the state is

USA Is Under Attack By The “Deep State” — That’s The Real Constitutional Crisis

By Catherine J. Frompovich Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, has delineated the real problem about what’s going on in Washington, DC, and the deliberately created political kabuki theater regarding President Trump.  Kucinich says President Trump is under attack by

Should We Believe The NSA About Stopping Its Unconstitutional “About Searches”?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Recently, the NSA announced it no longer will conduct “about searches” as part of its Upstream Surveillance.  That sounds great, but can we really believe them. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who has filed

10 More Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Became Conspiracy Facts

By Jake Anderson Generally speaking, conspiracy theories form where there is a vacuum of verifiable facts associated with a controversial, usually tragic event. The concept has evolved over the years and is a part of our popular culture. There are

Recent Military Activity Across The United States: Explained

This type military movement is typical for the CONUS throughout the summer months (INTELLIHUB) — DAHBOO77 published a video Saturday, describing some of the latest military activity taking place in the U.S. “These look to be Osprey,” DAHBOO77 said. “There

The US Black-Ops Funded “Secret UFO”

By Catherine J. Frompovich According to non-verified reports, especially one posted by deejayiwan back in September of 2010 titled “TR3B Or The USAs Most Secret Plane,” there are some “UFOs” out there which have been built by the US’s top

Lockheed Martin Exoskeleton Gives Soldiers “Bionic Augmentation”

By Nicholas West Lockheed Martin continues to be a leader in developing the path toward a full-fledged super-soldier military comprised of Iron Man-type enhancements. The FORTIS exoskeleton first appeared to the public several years ago and is currently undergoing a

11-Year-Old Activist Warns About The Internet Of Things By “Weaponizing” A Teddy Bear

By Kevin Samson The new “smart world” that we are embarking upon as an increasing number of our computerized devices and objects become part of The Internet of Things has promised more convenience and more efficiency. And, yet, not a

‘The END Could Come In A Flash – You Have Been Warned’ – WannaCry A Major Sign To Prepare – Time Is Running Out

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die With the ‘ransomwear genie’ now out of the bottle and Russian President Vladimir Putin putting the blame upon the National Security Agency, joining Microsoft themselves in putting the

Wireless Technologies Have An Epigenetic Effect On Children

By Catherine J. Frompovich Cindy Sage and Ernesto Burgio published a new paper “Electromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development” on the Bioinitiative 2012 website, which ought to dispel much of the disparity

Military Seeks Machine Learning To Interpret Big Data For A.I. Warfare

By Nicholas West Even as the military has downplayed its willingness to delegate lethal decision making to artificial intelligence, it appears to be developing systems which could do exactly that. The rise of Big Data has been a boon for

Government Created The Hacking Epidemic, They Aren’t The Solution

By Dawn Luger The “WannaCry” Malware attack that spooled out over the end of last week and into the weekend, implicates two sides of this problem. The government created the new hacking epidemic, yet are presenting themselves as a solution

Who Is Lying About The Murder Of Seth Rich?

By Derrick Broze A controversial investigator has reported that former DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before his murder in July 2016. On Tuesday, Fox5 in Washington D.C. released a new report claiming that Democratic National Committee

Strange C.I.A. Declassified Document Says Antarctica Has “No Strategic Importance”

If there is no strategic importance in Antarctica, why are a number of nations down there? (INTELLIHUB) — A C.I.A. released document dated June 1, 1964, titled: “Supplementary Briefing Notes for the Commander, U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica” claims that

CHEMTRAILS Exposed On Discovery Channel

Could our government really be spreading toxic chemicals through our air? Believe it or not-it’s true; even Discovery Channel has reported on them. Not only are these chemtrails dropping toxins on the people and the Earth, that reeks havoc on the

Former President of Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program, Influencing Experiments on Americans

Cassius Methyl, Guest Waking Times Merck & Co. is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturing corporation, and is one of the largest pharma companies in the world. They created such things as the MMR vaccine, and the HPV vaccine Gardasil. As