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Facial Recognition Tech Could Ensnare Millions Of Innocent Americans For Crimes They Didn’t Commit

Authored by Daniel Lang via, It’s often the case that new technologies arrive on the scene faster than our society and its legal code can keep up. Sometimes this can be a good thing. For instance, 3D printing allows

Mysterious ‘Doomsday Trumpets’ Heard Across UK Skies

Mysterious ‘Doomsday Trumpet’ sounds were heard across the UK skies this week, as an eerie recording of the sky noises went viral on the internet. Calvin Kirlew from in Nottingham, England, says he recorded the strange phenomena from his bedroom window on Tuesday

WikiLeaks Vault 7 Reveals CIA Can Disguise Hacks, Malware As Russian Or Chinese

By Matt Agorist Moments ago, WikiLeaks released another set of data from the Vault 7 CIA documents which, believe it or not, paints an even more ominous picture of the world’s most unscrupulous spy agency. The latest leak consists of

Deep State Considers Using Continuity Of Government Plans In Coup Against President Trump

(INTELLIHUB) — A leading neocon with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research has published a piece in one of the top establishment news outlets in the country in which he floats the idea of using continuity of government

Another DHS “Exercise” Planned: The Risk of Terrorism Drills Becoming Reality

The Daily Bell If government had the citizens best interests at heart, we wouldn’t have to worry when they planned an exercise for our safety. In fact, it would be a good thing, if we could trust the government, that

Nuclear Physicist Admits ‘Aliens Are Already Here’

A top Canadian nuclear physicist has gone on the record and admitted that aliens visit Earth “on a regular basis.”  According to Stanton Friedman, Earth has been visited on numerous occasions by extraterrestrials, who aim to one day quarantine us on

More Evidence Emerges ‘Planet Nine’ Is Really ‘Planet X’ aka ‘Nibiru’ And If That ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is True, None Of The Others May Really Matter

– Will The Truth About One Of The Most Censored Stories In History Soon Be Revealed? By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die December 30th, 1983 Washington Post story claimed ‘mysterious heavenly body’ found in

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

By Derrick Broze At a recent geoengineering conference two Harvard engineers announced plans for a real-world climate engineering experiment beginning in 2018. The science of geoengineering has increasingly become a part of the public conversation around climate change and an

NYPD Spills Weiner Laptop Info – Clinton Cooked!

NYPD detectives and sources have turned on the FBI for creating “one roadblock after another” and have started releasing incriminating material into the public domain implicating Hillary Clinton in the underage sex investigation. David Zublick breaks it down in this

JFK’s Diary Shows He Doubted Hitler’s Death, Predicted He Would ‘Emerge from Hatred’

President John F Kennedy questioned whether Adolf Hitler committed suicide and predicted he would one day “emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived,” his diary reveals. From RT: A

DEA Approves Synthetic Marijuana That Turns People Into Zombies

The DEA has approved a dangerous type of synthetic marijuana produced by Big Pharma to sell to members of the public.  The Drug Enforcement Administration gave the new fake marijuana drug ‘Syndros’ a schedule II classification, meaning that pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics can

Billionaire’s Worldwide Prepare Apocalypse Shelters For ‘Imminent Crisis’

Billionaire’s worldwide are building apocalypse shelters in anticipation of an ‘imminent crisis’ that could see life above ground unsustainable in the near future.  For the wealthy 1 percent, these underground bunkers will preserve most of life’s luxuries, as cities above them burn

The FBI Has Secretly Gathered Millions of “Faceprints” For Biometric Database For Years

By Derrick Broze A representative of the FBI was grilled by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the agency’s growing biometric database.  Washington D.C. – On Wednesday the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform questioned Kimberly Del Greco, Deputy

Secret Government Trucks? These “Nuclear Convoys Use Unmarked 18-Wheelers On U.S. Highways”

By Mac Slavo They are armed and ready to detonate from countless secure locations across the world. But they still have to be transported there, and sometimes the U.S. government (and other governments) moves these around on civilian highways. There’s

They Can See a “Stick of Butter from Space” — The Billion Dollar Spy Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

By Claire Bernish While most Americans would consider the CIA, and perhaps the NSA, household names, one U.S. spy agency — whose headquarters surpasses the U.S. Capitol in size — has managed to keep to the shadows while possessing cutting

Three Disruptive Technologies That Will Transform The World Into Technocracy Within 10 Years

By Patrick Wood The latest technological revolution will make existing technology look like the Stone Age, yet few people outside of academia and industry are even aware of it.  Many, if not most, of the people who are driving these

Trump Exposes Orwellian ‘Surveillance State’ We Live Under – It Is Not About Trump, It Is That They Are Spying On All Of Us

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine Those of us in the Independent Media that have been mocked or been labeled “conspiracy theorists” by the establishment media for our assertions, for years, that America has turned into one huge  surveillance

Bombshell! Stolen Secret Service Laptop Contained Critical PizzaGate Evidence

A laptop stolen from the car of a Secret Service agent contained critical evidence in the PizzaGate pedophile sex trafficking scandal. David Zublick brings you the latest in this special report!

Trump Delivered Documented Evidence of Obama Wiretaps to House Panel

At this point in time, the public does not yet know the contents of the documents delivered by President Trump’s DOJ to the House Intelligence Committee regarding the wiretapping incident, but presumably since the documents were sent by Trump’s team, it stands

Anonymous: Antarctica We Know What The US Government Found

Latest Anonymous message 2017! You have to watch this! Something big is going to happen in Antarctica! The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging. Little other information was released to the media about the mission, although most journalists