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Flu Death Rates Hit Epidemic Levels In America In 2017 – Are Americans Being ‘Mass Vaccinated’ Via Chemtrails Against Our Will? Remember ‘Operation Big City’!

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die The heartbreaking story from the Dayton Daily News on Monday reported that the flu has just claimed the life of a 4th child in Ohio in just the

PizzaGate Pedophile Victim’s Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All! Nancy Pelosi Connected! Arrests Happening Now!

The mother of a PizzaGate pedophile victim breaks her silence and speaks out in this explosive and EXCLUSIVE interview. Nancy Pelosi is connected. Plus…an update on the massive nationwide arrests happening now in the Pizzagate scandal. David Zublick brings you

Trump in Shock! What Edward Snowden Just Told Him Will Bring Down Everything! (Video)

Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Snowden tweeted yesterday that he was “finally” not a Russian spy. Juan Zarate is the former deputy national security adviser. He says that Trump should be cautious on accepting Snowden. The U.S. Justice Department

Why Are TPTB Tracking People With Rh-Negative Blood So Closely?

Answer: Because people with Rh-negative blood type really are different. So different, in fact, that some scientific researchers actually believe that only through the introduction of alien life on planet Earth, as in extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) from outer space,

US Official Records Reveal Top Secret Base Housing Aliens And UFOS!

There are tons of conspiracies regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings of all kinds of races. Many say ETs have a treaty with the US government with a terrifying plot in the works. Perhaps one reason for our modern technology

Bombshell: Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Pentagon Had Zero Justification For Iraq War

When the then president of the united states, George W. Bush, began the invasion of Iraq, he supported it with a more than 90-page long document detailing why Saddam Hussein needed to be dethroned. Now that the document has entered

Vaccines House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down—Fast

By Catherine J. Frompovich If ever there were a social-political-medical and scientific myth about anything, the current state of vaccinology and vaccine ‘science’ fits the bill in more ways than healthcare consumers probably even can imagine. The myth goes back

5 Signs We’re Living In An Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

By Melissa Dykes And yes, there are a whole lot more than five, but here are five recent examples that prove our dystopic future is actually our dystopic present. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple We encourage you to share and

The Manifesto From The New World Order

By Catherine J. Frompovich First and foremost, please know I did not write the following article.  However, after reading it, I think it deserves to get as much widespread exposure as possible, especially if what is said truly represents the

NSA Contractor Accused Of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive Than The Snowden Docs

By James Holbrooks According to an indictment released Wednesday, the information stolen by Harold Martin, a former N.S.A. contractor who was arrested in August of last year, may be far more damaging to the U.S. intelligence community than anything taken

Leaked Docs: Media Matters Conspires With Facebook, Google To Shut Down Conservative Media

Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hard-left political activist David Brock, founder of Media Matters – the father of “Fake News” – is working with co-conspirators Google and Facebook to implement a strategy designed

How Algorithms (Secretly) Run The World

When you browse online for a new pair of shoes, pick a movie to stream on Netflix or apply for a car loan, an algorithm likely has its word to say on the outcome. The complex mathematical formulas are playing

Mysterious Wikileaks Tweets Are Melting Down The Internet – What Is ‘Vault 7’ And Why Has It Suddenly Gone Viral?

Is The ‘Bombshell Of All Bombshells’ Coming? Wikileaks Julian Assange To US State Department: ‘I’ll Try To Make This Clear, We Don’t Have A Problem, You Have A Problem’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or

Wikileaks ‘Vault7 Rabbit Hole’ Gets Even Deeper! Are They Preparing To Bring Down ‘Ringleader’ George Soros?

Cryptic Tweets Continue And Hint At ‘Stasi Secret Police’ And Mass Surveillance By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die The cryptic hints left over the past several days by whistleblowing website Wikileaks have taken another

University Of California: Camouflaged Aliens Walk Among Us

Professor Jonathan Malkisom from the University of California says that he has proof that aliens have lived on Earth for as long as humans have existed.  During a press conference held in 2000, Malkisom told reporters that aliens have lived

Amazon’s New Robot-Run Supermarket Will Phase Out Human Employees

By Jake Anderson Imagine a 10,000 to 40,000 square foot, two-story supermarket that employs only a few people. The glut of the workforce is robots. A small army of them toils away on the second floor, where they furiously bag

Politicians Are Now Making Plans In Case The Public Turns Against Them Violently

By James Holbrooks As protests continue to break out all around the nation over President Donald Trump’s desire to scrap Obamacare, Politico reported Tuesday that many politicians are beginning to worry about their own personal safety — to the point where

Activist Leftist Court Rules Against Trump Travel Ban, Ignores Actual Law

Appeals court rules against ban aimed at keeping country safe (INTELLIHUB) — A federal appeals court has ruled that the United States will remain wide open to incoming refugees after rejecting a move by the Trump administration to reinstate the

Trilateral Commission Member Appointed To National Security Council

Technocracy News and Trends – by Patrick Wood According to a White House press release, the first member of the Trilateral Commission has entered the Trump administration as the Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs, where he

Breaking: Arrests Imminent In #PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!

An FBI whistleblower has confirmed that 30 politicians and 40 other individuals are to be arrested in Washington D.C. and New York City in connection with the “Pizzagate” pedophile ring, and more suspects are under investigation as the investigation continues